Mid-semester review comments

Mid-Semester Report — Ali Momeni @ 3:33 pm

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Nicole’s Mid Semester Update

Mid-Semester Report,Uncategorized — NicoleAnderson @ 12:35 pm

Lazae’s mid-semester presention

Mid-Semester Report — ll @ 12:30 pm

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Lazae’s mid-semester update

Mid-Semester Report — ll @ 12:13 pm

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Felipe’s mid-term Presentation

Mid-Semester Report — felipecastel @ 11:31 am


Kyle Verrier’s Midsemester Report

My two best friends always allow me to take center stage, metaphorically speaking. So why not return the kindness by introducing them to each other? Silly personal thoughts like this created a catalyst that led me in the direction of playing with the concept of using the physical control elements on a guitar to connect with the web in a way that it might provide the possibility of musical notes, as well as additional unique sound elements, played through the computer. In other words, “How could I use my guitar as a type of pseudo keyboard to feed sound information into my computer?” This initial questioning required me to figure out how to go about creating an augmented guitar performance instrument that could in fact interact with a web browser. It quickly became obvious that I needed to employ the MAX software because of its ability to rapidly prototype sonic explorations. I had to narrow my focus towards what would best resonate with me to accomplish such a possibility for reinventing the use of the guitar. These thoughts led to my dabbling into a series of initial experiments with the notion of developing a solid sensibility in imagining a feasible application to control the use of the web browser as a musical instrument.


so many data points, so many challenges…

Mid-Semester Report — minnar @ 8:15 am

As a refresher, my initial project plan was to use biosensing (in particular, EEG sensors) on people in some unspecified setting for some unspecified purpose and to sonify that data as a means of being able to immerse strangers in an intimate view into another person’s experience. My project has shifted a lot since discovering that commercially available EEG sensors either 1) don’t interface well with MAX or 2) don’t work on Mac computers without a lot of signal processing.

Moving forward I decided to settle with GSR, which made the most  sense in terms of also indirectly measuring emotional reaction but having more scaffolding than EEG since it seems much easier to deal with and more people have worked with GSR for projects. I spoke with the psych professor I’m working with and he confirmed that GSR was probably my best bet in terms of reliable data.


Henry Armero mid-semester update

Mid-Semester Report — henry.armero @ 7:14 am

Mid Semester Rothera Presentation

Mid-Semester Report — arothera @ 7:10 am

Rothera-Mid Semester Update

Mid-Semester Report — arothera @ 7:00 am

Mid Semester Update: Alex Rothera

Just for a public record I wanted to post some writing about this project I made initially because I feel it still is holds true to my direction with this project, and might not have been seen yet. Also below is an image of an artist statement I finished last week. The first artist statement I am actually happy with.


Object & Machine: a Relational Performance

Object”- Has a natural reaction. Has many natural states.

Machine”- Performs actions or verbs on the object(s). Has many calculated states.

Happenings” – Happenings take place anywhere, and are often multi-disciplinary, with nonlinear narrative and the active participation of the audience.

Coincidence” – correspondence in nature or in time of occurrence.


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