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Mid-Semester Report — ll @ 12:30 pm

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  1. PRESENTER: Lazae
    -the zoetrope has an intrinsic rhythmic cycle (of 1-2seconds); how do you deal with this short repetation, within the context of a longer narrative that you wish to create in this experience?
    -have you tried any of these projection schemes??? do you know that 3 x projectors will cover the whole space? have you tried the projection calcualtor at ““, at least?
    -why is the choice/placement of sensor not yet decied? what’s holding you back?
    -the binary/immidiacy of the proximit sensor, coupled with the very quick periodic life of the embedded animation (i.e. my first comment) make for a very fleeting experience


    –Have you tested these different projector ideas? It would be some quick testing.
    –Zoetropes are classically limiting for image content. Why not beat this idea? Possible to create a zoetrope that can trigger multiple image sequences & animations. Reasons for or against??
    –LEARN RHINO… this would be huge for you to use the CNC. For mechanics, precision is huge for making this not wobble.
    –Sensors are tricky and everywhere. Ask others for suggestions.

    -Lighting Tests

    Matt: cutout on the on the floor vinyl ? / location within the room
    short display of information the individual may need a chart placed on the outside before entering / lighting for within the space ?
    have you been thinking about a display placed on the outside of the room to info the individual, maybe to record

    Minnar: Interesting use of the zoetrope in the zoetrope
    – is it important where someone is in relation to your zoetrope? how are multiple people going to interact with this?
    – how are you going to develop it to become inside out ? I’m a little confused, since zoetropes have a specific time scale built in
    – how are you going to control or deal with people who come in midway?

    Nicole: New subject matter of zoetrope is much more interesting to me now. I like that it is self referential and is an object about experiencing the object, which makes the inside out quality much more relevant to the content. Dream machine lighting sounds really great. Does the light fade as the projections start? Still a little confused about when the projection starts and stops.
    I understand what you mean about it having eyes, but because your projection is encompassing I feel like it would be experienced better if you can experience it throughout the entire space, not just one side. On the same note, is there anyway you can make the projection 360 degrees. I feel like that would add a lot, since the zoetrope is 360 degrees.

    Kyle: Saw this the other day and might be worth checking out for working with cutouts/lights.
    -Dealing with multiple people experience? Is there a social element or 1-on-1?

    Henry3: I like this lighbulb idea. The bare bulb business works well with the whole feel of things or something.
    – Good videos and documentation!
    – Also this monitoring of what works and what doesn’t with detail levels! Fab!
    – It is important to consider the effects of outside light on the visibility of projections/the zoetrope? Like. I don’t know. Projectors like darkness. Outside light being the lighting to view the zoetrope. Hm
    – This motor housing reminds me of Ali’s overcomplicated camera housing. Hoohoo! Wonderful
    -Consider the source of the projectors carefully! Like. Will people / the zoetrope being in front of them and casting shadows make things not good?

    Would the images be related to the motion and the presence of the the space?
    if there a way to control the speed or direction based on proximity or another event that happens in the space? I saw this recenlty:

    Comment by ll — October 22, 2012 @ 3:09 pm

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