Mid Semester Rothera Presentation

Mid-Semester Report — arothera @ 7:10 am

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  1. PRESENTER: Alex Rothera

    **Notes to self

    -what about the sketching process “didn’t work?”
    -why do you test your electromagnet with a permanent magnet?
    -how’s that “cheating” awesome?
    -once you get into describing the details, you get much further away from the poetic inspiration of the piece; how are you [stil] thinking about gesture and randomness of rare happenings?
    -it seems that things are rolling now; i’m curious about your self-critique (too slow); why? a question of time? loss of focus? materials necessary but not around?
    -the final presentation of the piece will surely involve attention to sound and lighting (it’s a subtle thing your’e working with, how do we see it/experience it? best to start experimenting with sight/sound
    **(mention to Ali response of studio mates “heart beat”)**

    Kyle: Understand the nice gesture but perhaps keep purpose in mind. Nice work. Keep in the end in mind (easier said than done I can relate)

    Nicole: What sort of motion is your final piece actually going to emulate? Can these magnets create hover, or only flip? Curious about the sound output of your motors and magnets and objects, interested to see how you utilize it.

    Minnar: Are you only flying magnets or are you going to try constructing a form with a magnet embedded?

    Henry: I like this taking-matters-into-your-own-hands circuit board business. :>

    AeonX8: I can see an application for some type of performance art with wearable magnets… The lack of human control when the magnet is in control.

    matto:i might be able to help you find some materials around campus/
    by way of inter department loan

    Comment by arothera — October 22, 2012 @ 3:11 pm

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