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Artist Björn Schülke

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check out this guy:


Jon Kessler’s Circus

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Bon Fire Instrument

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A really nice animation. The beginning is strangely composited, but the middle of this animation is really worth seeing.

Personal Inspiration

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These are my top inspirational artists I have recently come across. There are more classic examples than these people, but I’m excited about this group as I haven’t seen their work until very recently. Refreshing work!


My first new favorite body of work and huge inspiration for my senior thesis project is the work of Maywa Denki. A Japanesse artist who was maybe best known in the mid 90’s.

“Who am I? […] I wanted to create ‘products’ with a fish motif in order to discover myself”

“I decided to assume I was a fish. The fishes shape is very simple[…] If you look at non-sense from a different angle, it becomes common sense.”

*click the image for an INCREDIBLE 3 part “commercial” for his Naki series of machines.

Maywa also does an incredible series and concerts of musical instruments.



A few other artists I’m very inspired by in one way or another:

Pe Lang

Roman Signer:

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