3_Understanding Sound

— Ali Momeni @ 2:21 am

UNDERSTANDING SOUND: The Physics of Sound, Audio Synthesis and Analysis


  1. Record Sound in Max
  2. Analyze Sound in Spear
  3. Additive Synthesis in Max (oscbank~)
  4. Amplitude, Frequency, Tremelo, Vibrato
  5. What is Timbre, really
  6. Reductive Synthesis in Max (pfft, biquad~)
  7. Analyze Sound in Max
  8. Resynthesize sound with Sinusoids
  9. Resynthesize sound with Resonators
  10. Excite Resonators with pre-recorded samples
  11. Excite Resonators with live-input (contact microphone)
  12. Multi-Channel sound output (4 signals to 4 speakers)
  13. Complete instrument (4 contact mics, 4 resonators, 4 speakers, 1 microphone)
Max patches can be downloaded here.  Be sure to have all the necessary 3rd party externals in your Max search path first.

Example Works (re: the physics of sound)



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