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Mid-Semester Report — NicoleAnderson @ 5:27 am


At some point this blog post became list formatted, so we are just gonna roll with it.

Here is my progress so far:


I experimented. A lot. I think I’ve tried almost all the chemicals in the print shop, plus the basic assortment of rubbing alcohol  normal alcohols, bleaches and other cleaning things. 90% of the things did absolutely nothing to the ink on the page.



Hand 2 Hand / Milestone 1 – 2

Mid-Semester Report — mtf8252 @ 8:53 pm

Inside test

This project is based off of current and past research that vibration can be used as an educational device for the deaf. I have used resources that have focused on wearable computer platforms, but have also looked at platforms that are Non-wearable, and serve more as an Educational object. By incorporating other senses like movement via projections, and light I hope to make something that is useable to children and adults.


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