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Hello and welcome to Building Hybrid Instruments.

Links to relevant resources for the course as well as student contributions and discussions will be posted on this blog.

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Final Project Proposal by Ali Momeni

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Critical Design- reference for Nicole

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Artist Björn Schülke

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check out this guy: www.schuelke.org/


Atomic Milestone Level Three: Audiyou and Me

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Things have taken a turn!

I am not feeling the project as much, and am proceeding towards a different goal. It is titled Audiyou and Me and it is a musical-composition social mixer event. Its objective is to demonstrate that the creation of music is not an elite educational undertaking, but rather a simple activity that can be done with friends. It does this through the use of a simple smartphone instrument and a central hub that randomly groups people into ad-hoc ‘bands’.


Voice and the Right Hand

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Ran into this doing some MAX research. Got quite a kick out of it. Enjoy.

Jon Kessler’s Circus

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“Rape is Rape”– Projected on the Capitol 10/21/12

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Short Story Found here at AnimalNewYork.com

Matt’s MID Semester Review

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please go to link: prezi.com/6r9aoyhaw2xc/copy-of-untitled-prezi/

i wasn’t able to upload the Prezi file (working on a fix)

Mid-semester review comments

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All comments are in this doc.

Please take your comments and post them as a “comment” added to your embedded presentation.

Minnar’s Mid Semester Presentation

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