10 Systems: Part I

Assignment,Systems Thinking — chentsch @ 9:49 am

1. Getting out of bed

Input: Snooze Button

Output: Awake

Feedback: How long did it take me to get up?

Change: Set no alarm, stress of having no alarm got me out of bed right away.

2. Showering 

Input: Me (dirty)

Output: Me (clean)

Feedback: Do I feel clean/ do I look clean?

Change: No shower, use time for breakfast instead.

3. Getting dressed 

Input: Clothing, anxiety

Output: Me (with clothes on )

Feedback: How many times did I change in the process?

Change: Put on the first thing I see.

4. Making the Bed

Input: Messy bed

Output: Neat bed

Feedback: Did I come home to a neat bed?

Change: Make bed later, would rather be on time.

5. Doing Dishes

Input: Dirty dishes

Output: Clean dishes

Feedback: Do I have dishes to eat off of?

Change: Don’t do dishes, someone else can this time.

6. Forget Breakfast

Input: Poor time management and priorities

Output: I am hungry at school

Feedback: Do I need to buy something to eat at school?

Change: Make and eat breakfast.

7. Driving to School

Input: Lazy, $$$

Output: At school in 5 mins

Feedback: Did I get to class on time?

Change: Leave earlier, walk.

8. Cigarette on the way to school 

Input: Camel Blue

Output: Habit/ craving filled

Feedback: Does this make me feel good in the long run?

Change: Left cigarettes at home for the day.

9. Be a couple minutes late to class

Input: Poor time management

Output: Final grade in first class of the day drops due to lates

Feedback: Why am I late today?

Change: Wore a watch that was 5 minutes fast- no longer late.

10. Forget to check email

Input: 2 email addresses, so much junk mail

Output: Miss potentially important things

Feedback: How can I make sure I read my email?

Change: Spend a day responding to every email I get


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