Final Project: SAPS

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Pendulum mimicry


“2 robot interaction”

(Please take notice of my lil gut hangin’ out… this gym is for us lazy kids with bad posture)




Pendulum 2.0

Assignment,Max,Submission — Dakotah @ 7:32 pm

This is a combination of the previous pendulum project and my first pulse modulated motor. This allows me to deliver more power and have control over the speed of the swing.

2 Sensors, 2 Actuators

Assignment,Audio,Hardware,Max,Sensors,Software,Submission — Robb Godshaw @ 1:59 pm

twiddleyourownknobsMore later..

Laser Clock

Assignment,Hardware,Max,Sensors,Submission — Dakotah @ 6:09 am


This is a laser pendulum. The motor driving the pendulum turns on when the laser is blocked from contacting photo sensor. Each time the laser hits the sensor the motor switches direction.

Cosmetic Prosthetic Muscle for the Lazy Bodybuilder (in us all)


cold description: When magnetic sensor on upper arm senses magnet on lower arm, blower is triggered, which inflates prosthetic bicep muscle. When a stretch sensor created with conductive fabric is stretched across the inflating bicep muscle, a sounding pitch becomes lower as the muscle becomes bigger.

warm thoughts: Here, I’m playing with an interest in prostheses. In some ways, robotics (and technology in general) in our everyday lives already act as prosthetics. In this prototype for a 2-sensor 2-actuator system, this symbiotic relationship between humans and robotics technology is (perhaps reversed) and reflected as a non-functional, cosmetic flex of the human muscle. In relation to biomimetic robotics, this set up is somewhat reflective of an ectosymbiotic system.





Teensy/Arduino to anything

Hardware,Max,Sensors — Ali Momeni @ 4:12 pm

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