DUE Mon Mar 28, 2012

Please prepare a system using Max, a Teensy microcontroller, and the necessary components that performs the following:

  • A photocell controlling the position of a servo that rotates a small figure (e.g. a toy figure or animal, a fruit, a plant, a hairball, a sea urchin, etc)
  • Another photocell controlling the brightness of an incandescent light-bulb that create an animated shadow; for this you must find a way to arrange and fix in space: the light bulb, the object casting a shadow, and the screen onto which the shadow is cast
  • Another photocell controlling the speed at which a solenoid hits against some doohickey that makes sound, i.e. ¬†your musical score. For this you must find a way to fix a solenoid in the upright position, so that after it strikes the doohickey¬†bounces back down to its relaxed position

Additional credit give for:

  • Using any sensor besides a photocell
  • Creating a meaningful interaction among the three actors: the figure, the light, the sound


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