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Simple Rhino Stage

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Intro to Rhino: A few commands that go far

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NB Video. Jump forward to ~1:30 to begin!

NB 1.  When there’s a length or an option, you can type it (if you can)
NB 2.  Use a two button mouse, use a big/second screen (if you can)

drawing: (you can either click to draw or type the dimensions you want)

  • points
  • circle
  • line
  • rec
  • polyline
  • curve


  • length: length of line or curve
  • distance: distance between two points
  • area: area of a surface

geometric transformation:

  • orient: good when the thing you’re moving is asymmetric/sided/chiral
  • offset: scale and copy
  • scale1D: good for resizing lines
  • scale2D: good for resizing flat shapes
  • scale (you can indicate with numbers the scaling factor)
  • move
  • copy
  • arraycrv: orient and copy


  • loft: make connecting surface between two lines/curves
  • extrude
  • make2d: create 2d shape of selected surface, according to current view
  • unrollSrf: turn a volume into flat components
  • dupBorders: produce curve from boundary of a surface


  • explode
  • split: divides a line/curve/surface at a center point/line/intersective-surf/curv
  • trim: split + delete
  • extend
  • rebuild

make many out of one:

  • divide: dividing lines/curves into equal parts
  • rebuild: either turn cuves into lines or make ugly curves pretty curves


  • layer: show layers window (use many layers!)
  • show/hide
  • setPt
  • zs: zoom set, show you just the selected object in the active transport
  • join: make one curve out of many segements
  • group
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