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Failure Part 4



The Ugliest Thing I Ever Made

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This is the Ugliest Thing I Ever Made. In this self portrait and mixed media piece I physically relieved myself of the stress and hate that has been building up around this project. The deflated balloon is a self portrait, representing my deflated morale. The half finished cigarette has become a kind of motif in my life, the passing of time that I do not have, the choice to put it out and go back to work or smoke it to the filter, the time wasted reflecting on concepts for projects that are overly ambitious and unrealistic.

final project: video

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cmu-soft sculpture copy.rcproject

The Artist’s Self Portrait

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Grading form

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Untitled. (Final Project)

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Final Project – Solace in Nature

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I wanted to create a contrast between the vast open spaces of nature and the tightly enveloping, almost claustrophobic, structure of the project.

Final Project- Refracting Light Internally

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