A View to the Underworld

A View to the Underworld


Separate Molds


Failed Molds

sculpture with text (casting)

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This is not food.

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Keys to….

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I used a putty mold to create 12 replicas of keys out of clear plastic.  I made the keys translucent because I wanted them to be representations of keys, not the actual functioning key.  Hanging from the white branches, I wanted the keys to seem insubstantial, yet present, a representation.  To incorporate text, I wrote on the keys with sharpie, things that were important to me, or things I wanted to see.  Keys to….”the moon”, “happiness”, etc….

I am so mad at you

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Of Process and Pumpkins.

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This quote that I found underlines how the process of creation takes precedence over the result itself. I was going to paint the hands initially, but I wanted the focal point to be on the pumpkin (the lack of paint also makes it easier to see the details of the hand).

I chose the calloused hands of my father primarily to symbolize how process is something that takes time and much effort – the weathered look of the skin is indicative of the passage of time, as well as the hard labor required to ‘produce great pumpkins’.

The hands were molded using RTV rubber (a type of putty). The pumpkin was molded using silicone.

Final Casting Project

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In response to reality… Ron Mueck and Adel abdessemed

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Ronald “Ron” Mueck (b. 1958 in Melbourne, Australia)

Adel Abdessemed (b. 1971 in Constantine, Algeria) 

Mini Model Making

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I made three different types of molds: the key mold was made with the blue silicone, the pen was made with the two part pink silicone, and the quarter was made of putty.

I sprayed the key with release, but it would not come out of the mold, and when I forcefully pulled it out, it ruined the mold.  The  pen mold was successful, but my first try with the resin leaked, I should have made a mothermold to hold it together better.  The quarter putty mold worked, and for the project due on Wednesday,  I probably will use the putty mold with resin to create my keys.


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