Failure, Part 2

— Ali Momeni @ 5:56 pm

In Defense of Failure [part 2]…


Yvonne Rainer (b. 1934 in San Francisco, US)

Carolee Schneemann (b. 1939 in US)

Mierle Ukeles (b. 1939 in Dever, US)

Suzanne Lacy (b. 1945 in US, wikipedia)

Deborah Kass (b. 1952 in San Antonio, US)
Nan Goldin (b. 1953, Washington DC, US)
Sophe Calle (b. 1953 in Paris, France)

Tracy Emin (b. 1963 in Croydon, UK)

Emily Jacir (b. 1970 in Bethlehem, Palestine)
Mika Rottenberg (b. 1976 in Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Shana Moulton (b. 1976 in California, US)

Nathalie Djurberg (born 1978 in Lysekil, Sweden)



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