Final Project – Solace in Nature

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I wanted to create a contrast between the vast open spaces of nature and the tightly enveloping, almost claustrophobic, structure of the project.

Revisited: Wide Awake. Revisited:

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I revisited the photographs of my project, and tried to go along with my concept of discomfort and awkward intimacy. I found people to model for me so that I could take the pictures. )When you ask people to model for you, sometimes they make strange faces when you tell them to look uncomfortable.)

I took shot of different groups of people, and this was my most successful picture.

Me and my Dreams

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When I was a kid, I used to have nightmares that a big black dog would come eat my dreams, and that’s why I could never remember any of my dreams in the morning. ┬áSo I created this padded sort-of-helmet, which would protect me and my dreams while I slept.

Failure Part 3

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