Research Assignment III

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Empathetic robo.

This robot tries to simulate and reflect human expression as closely as possible – it empathises with whoever is is talking to. This is a key requirement for humans to perceive a robot as truly intelligent ( dautenhahn et al.). But I think this attempt in wrong direction – as with paradox of animation, make something too life like and something just feels wrong about it.


Robots that deceive.

11 nueral connections – same as discussed Braiteneberg, possibly most similar to vehicle 4

find “food source” –  light ring and avoid dark ring.

“artificial neural network controlled by a binary “genome”. The network consisted of 11 neurons” – connections between sensors and motors. The “neurones” were linked by 33 synapses and strength of each connection controlled by 8bit gene – extended braitenberg – different processes running in parallel .

100 groups of 10 robots – the top 200robots (robots with the most points) mated together to shuffle there “genes”

another round – started to evolve to not shine blue light when “feeding” a third of the robots actually became repulsed to the blue light.


Complexity from environment.





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