Skye Final

Assignment,Final Project — Skye @ 11:58 pm

Final Critique: Monday May 7, 6-9pm

Assignment,Course Administration — Ali Momeni @ 5:15 pm

Hello all,

Our doodle scheduling indicates that this is the best time for our final critique will take place on:

Monday May 7, 6-9pm: Doherty C316a

In order to allow enough time for everyone, critique will start promptly at 6pm; your final project must be ready, plugged in, lit, working, and ready to document at the beginning of critique, i.e. by 6pm sharp!

If you prefer to set up your piece somewhere else in Doherty Hall to have more space, better lighting, or a better setting for documentation, please feel free.  Regardless of where you install, your work must be completed and installed by 6pm.

See you then!


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