Ruby Wang: Final Project Presentation

Assignment — Ruby @ 3:28 am

Stephanie . Caged Phoenix

Assignment,Submission — Stephanie @ 12:01 am

Mapping as Composition: more advanced Max

Max — Ali Momeni @ 7:58 pm

The patches from class are here: animated-theater-6-11.2012

Intro to Rhino: A few commands that go far

Rhino — Ali Momeni @ 5:31 pm

NB Video. Jump forward to ~1:30 to begin!

NB 1.  When there’s a length or an option, you can type it (if you can)
NB 2.  Use a two button mouse, use a big/second screen (if you can)

drawing: (you can either click to draw or type the dimensions you want)

  • points
  • circle
  • line
  • rec
  • polyline
  • curve


  • length: length of line or curve
  • distance: distance between two points
  • area: area of a surface

geometric transformation:

  • orient: good when the thing you’re moving is asymmetric/sided/chiral
  • offset: scale and copy
  • scale1D: good for resizing lines
  • scale2D: good for resizing flat shapes
  • scale (you can indicate with numbers the scaling factor)
  • move
  • copy
  • arraycrv: orient and copy


  • loft: make connecting surface between two lines/curves
  • extrude
  • make2d: create 2d shape of selected surface, according to current view
  • unrollSrf: turn a volume into flat components
  • dupBorders: produce curve from boundary of a surface


  • explode
  • split: divides a line/curve/surface at a center point/line/intersective-surf/curv
  • trim: split + delete
  • extend
  • rebuild

make many out of one:

  • divide: dividing lines/curves into equal parts
  • rebuild: either turn cuves into lines or make ugly curves pretty curves


  • layer: show layers window (use many layers!)
  • show/hide
  • setPt
  • zs: zoom set, show you just the selected object in the active transport
  • join: make one curve out of many segements
  • group

DUE Monday April 16: Presentation on Final Project

Assignment,Description — Ali Momeni @ 11:01 pm

Please be prepared to give a 20-seconds/20-slides presentation on your plans for the final project:

  • Prepare a Google Presentation or Prezi to give us a clear sense of your conceptual intentions and technical plans for the project
  • Include the following in your presentation: concept overview (text), technical plan (diagrams, sketches, photos), inspiration (links, images, artists), foreseen difficulties (technical, conceptual)
  • Bring your collection of objects to show and discuss

Advanced Interactivity with Max

Max — Ali Momeni @ 10:57 pm

Here are a few places to search if you want to know whether something is possible in Max:

  • Cycling ’74 Forum: Many years of conversation among max users; use the Advanced Forum Search to see of someone else has come across your inquiry
  • Excellent database of 3-rd Party development for Max; this are patches and externals made by people outside of Cycling ’74 that do cool and quirky things.
  • Jitter Recipe Books by Andrew Benson: A great set of “simple” Max patches for advanced video applications; excellent tutorials for advanced Jitter work.

Here are the patches I made in class today that demonstrate simple motion tracking controlling a LED, motion tracking for assessing activity in zones, sensor connected to playback speed and filter parameters of a sound file, sensor connected to servo with recording/playback i.e. memory.

Remember also to download the newest version of Maxuino; throw out the old version (alpha-12) and replace it with the new (alpha-13).  This version allows you to save the settings of your teensy (i.e. serial port, pin-mode, …).

Nick assignment 2

Assignment,Microcontroller — Nick @ 8:17 pm

DUE: Monday April 9, 2012: Freud’s “Uncanny”

Assignment — Ali Momeni @ 4:51 pm
  • Read the Signumd Freud’s  Uncanny
  • Post your response as a three paragraph comment on this post; if referring to the text, please note the page numbers

DUE: Wed April 11, 2012: “The Miniature”, chapter two of “On Longing”

Assignment,Description,Readings,Reference — Ali Momeni @ 4:50 pm
  • Read the 2nd chapter of Stewart’s On Longing titled “The Miniature”
  • Post your response as a three paragraph comment on this post; if referring to the text, please note the page numbers

iPhone/iPod Touch to Tilt-Pan Servo through Teensy/Max

Max,Microcontroller — Ali Momeni @ 10:37 pm

<pre><code> ———-begin_max5_patcher———- 1817.3oc0alsaaiCE.8YmuBBg4wjTtos91f9AzAnCv7vjAEzxLwr0VxPhJKs n+6CWjcjSohkskXT.R7hrL08d3k2MJ+yKlELu3QdU.3if+ELa1OuX1LygzGX Vy6mErl8X1JVk4zBxJVulmKCtz9YR9iRyw+6h5rke9KeBbaQIPrYYQN+Ch+p XAv7AfaxYYY7Uq3kEq4RdYEPV.jhUxq1vxAYr07RFnhWdeQ01gdkHmmUTmaF ebyAEKLWsh4e6pvjsm4sE4xb0PX9n+rTvV09SpD+v7InzqgoIzXTymsojWoz DlTTj+0RdlzhAD7Z3k.bh9QXyCf+q46jWuVjuhKMr.87AKpkaOJb6vyjYKE4 20ZnCiziWr9ARjYrCQ5AW+E90EWne3xdNMjyePwfsp48rxc5eMIhBgDDJ92l iX0xBkXIKCbPy3CSSqVJeZC2pOAAW15+cPZOniuF1e1Q6lcnT30gJfgIFtkp eCFdhzqKiX1sJSSP05hBo9x6BSQGoQ2y5eG1azThVWhhnifEGkXvUTpwxCAQ Fa6gFay4pE87cbyE1BGdrgzXS+zngsPLbHv19qU2QspL1JtRnAH0e33qUuzE 4Hmx5xiZsXjS7fdE7.MlrDqIKBFN13AZHjK5PmdzAmz3gugN3yhNaDYxpUhE bmNswcpjB85T6S6T2MrRlI56W44r4q3sWErmNicpy3CpyT6JEDDt6oA0QiNg AWX.M3dWHTS.FR7H3cAQMdWnolbLrAzFbexpzpbQJ3ISpySmU1Gg6TYx3DF5 GNTXZxPaZfaVPmDMBlFXXjEPFWp5LVGAN8jKNEOzbBQZ3znrDh3AN8nKNE8V s.xCJrbIGbytJ4tInoNN.ayFfnRUdV9BkPAxqmuVWAmHGn+FME8slIuD7fPt zbPMYTi0GTU883S+3l.mE0QcvWxPaGRhM9bRFi7DIIFa7TiKbTrYzivC9rhh 8J1ntpUf4kJIvfdkPNWOKbqphZKx4xGJJ+tKiV7ajQKJ0vmHaftnyKSn07pJ 1c7eiOM1XpoUbLAFi.WAuNFFmlRzuJIjj9bmBZCE3Xj5XWNCCMlHwoG1HDer 4ahnI5XqHqqArMeBTxvXE1tyBcYfdSvxhGZp964U5sPMIc3q9ylicnIMsgN3 RSqFrlsma0eqqWIE6mAelRWWvjr1RWabE+5MbYmZtnj8vFN66uvBo6j7qTJu 7I6wvOeLErThr8RXybuEK6XFHI0XKSIgmpeUb+aagUnzoM6qofj2OSA3vzwa JXWKPNyofSuiajAuiaw1LBzsRb3cdPro89l2wMR3aTL+F.LP8N61UEpqrK86 T5KlZzXl1hLmor05UeQNcF8ZsKAEY6hs8InuCvfdG3cKhPsAXnif2MBNZHCv zUKL0SJ5MTR+uKaX3IaCeTsvjbzoTFGZ1ShDSv83wo+tG.N3zIJbrU6MLr43 W6heOjYRnM4ATX33s1cnxL4U29gqP61+Am1nQ9rFRyo.Hzdr0zG8lVfTEmqa PK13s05Vbb1QmCgzvo2N5X229ggMclPCl9llPSWFc1ZgIvwHJ71A2VC4YlFT 2fkLIAq0E4HAVU9kd.r32wofaWSOLDpyN2VWlCXfUhJIPjqugmVVxUUsw0Zq jusEt88FdB+Vs4cXX6F3hrzRmW9PFcnNeCK66.azAmgFPImi81Kdw.b2JQNz t0fs4+jjNJ889H62MJdzCrdBstN11yZaNbogmUqqmWKkEt5EBJrSEbeuP8XR GcvMkrwyNFNF4PUuPEOIiKtmCRfPnKkc7uggNZxXWNX6mdZ5XvkO+kOcUoRX 3flsCxEYvm5s33.PG7gnCJxVyDx2a2.pucC5.EOdJEJhs6HVupo43yBhR11m 2cqGQTOBVnG.64gnzgjPclnX5637DQ1behs2yRiUpzwu+al8vPnN2j+vOvxY qJt6eJEJm7+Ax0M2lGaFCIsIWXzHri9aIZTrsCWzyJsnNQJ8vHk5QjhSFQjt cY7Hiz6pEt5y+zKy6Xydel.sMgvz6uSlFc+aQQcZ0h7heiSu33siYN5nhbhl NIM6qo61+YDASE7u3WSkY.0Gee.VUTWlsUA196uA7r09BdkTjaVhz5jz2HMs NokhEK34scvuPTo84a3Iz4TYekGcVgGVdfdSddwkxs7D6OwgzW7fmXxCZ5Lc Q727EpOxC1eKudwkxs7LwDGBZZs7xHz3Il73mkWg8Qdz+5f7k7P6q73I64v9 HOT+IOQ8QdH9ycXeren9KbQ+x1HYhEtHYZYOifSK6Yj+hWf6k+4H+IO39HOg 9ydNYuPkcHOT+JOnCIOD+JOGb9xewuP8w9AkLwjmX+EunOq2Q3oU7Tj+Vu2m lI3OooOEW3OeO8IUU+E4JbRIMjQTZrsHisYy87xplgzHHAqYeqnb2clWvZQt 8slQLnjeuX64SuPOZ+5h+GjQ8SiL ———–end_max5_patcher———– </code></pre>

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