Final Projects

Assignment — Ali Momeni @ 12:17 am

Here are some pictures of the final projects.

Please help me by adding some captions that include title, name, date, comments for your pix.

Congratulations to all and thanks for a great mini!

Max patch for circulating through 5 LEDs

In-Class,Max — Ali Momeni @ 9:29 pm

<pre><code> ———-begin_max5_patcher———- 1377.3oc2Z9zbhaCFF+L7oPimdLMw5u1du0YZu068P6N6X.Eh1AjYrEoa6Na +rWKIaVXIDjksUb3PvAiQ9QO7999SRVec9rnEEegWEA9.3OAyl804ylYNk9D yZd+rns4eY4l7JykEsrX6VtTEcm8yT7unLm+2+sesBrrPJ4KU7U.UAfB1IjU sW3iERUk3e45KFhtOt4z6xUKeRHW+ox5umUGXVx8z6.TRZ8UAfTp9.J99XvG a9Rx8aExMbkQQvlSJVYzQwhO+yL1w2UY9VycM5WJE4ah9daTrW01HGjSIupt 2kqDExikTRrVDMRJt4EvG0eouMet9k65o+st3+5tUASXZqBC0Jhf6tQQGZih xLFEbz7I09RInPxAaDqeRU+e2A9Ko5ItDX9DQ8od7QfPBfwwaOD8sQTGWVrW ZZCTm84j3LceAiONjDS6hSS5rS6goU2BK3kssmswT+yNtsWDIz9IHZQtbczA k6tKfxP1r.yqwmEssKurteo3kehKyWrgeb7xU8GTW8GjG9yVdUU9Z9YAUwWz x7wmfPiCgSsGP5TTX5kBVPmaFzNmVB8IXg+202ry7hU7M5bmK5H9F8z5JD1E BetpqvBgqboPD3vFhXAJMET7IDIIDlwh8JUgzwPgWpaZAlnzr1es6HfhlNbc FUw50a3uZwQG5KDKrEMrk+nYieD7C3GVIVKT4a9iRghC9oANjtweXVFYrwf5 TLMK9sLAeXY.HLqeL.R1MHCn0U7mADe6v.ZFNUOX.v2CL.jE00CF.Zxv.Z5K iDC.G.F.LYTg.sFTKDf0YH.kb6.AvzzdBAv2fPfVWwaH.gb6.AHMyJxaH.g9 d.BfsrN+g.D1jABzzWFGH.IIDPfzQEBzZP9CAHo2NP.RZb+f.3tOU+WeQZOU Q8ZUZCL5nU4diNvoijWZUTu7xv.bnMSAyafCNafsvSUTurv9honVZbOvTw9Y Ambe6kEzS3ViRFI3FrOtSilFkbrGfYiJRrsKzCjHZnS6NQRihqNrfTVLpmfT 1PagYYuSAosdo+fT5sybvXMSH0ejH48vbvXVNq+vMrekuwD6N3fhFqrjJcVB .Av.Bf95FzcW+nWq6UC.GZ71Tytx3xdK6buE047I1awyyy9r+goLOCgPjIyz 3aRGFmQ5fPdkpbHEk8VONPXpoXHKdDLG3.9PcG4c7Bp4oXhGgs7BjEhs7xEJ YVK5xh59xH7L9rkBgwIl.HZmGZA7Mc4ce.EOpyDnsri+yD.BG3gw1HILZz.z lsdGurFRSuVpZ6emTfp6QeDygjqrkHouv7r5p4RFxfu06ECZzVlsvEz6Q1F9 m+zy4kGtQ0W1dgr37pWmd9gY+qfMkpnI1M4H60ibvuPdYe7JycwrMU+gcisQ o5yepAVUrubYa2scCTB9tXWwqTBoIS+nKRWZsNIr8hdRrZEWdLyZknRiwVc4 Mfpq5QOf15Aj+55QubYGI5QWOnqoGVX0C7J5ghBqdtV7id63EH8vhcIdNXxQ usDlPxgjNsjCZRIGHbZE6j4fbXgqTH0oT8rvomjIldXtnGZ3ziKI6T1DSOIg SOtT8gBmX5If46tfRIAL+xkxy5cCYnnWYSK87C2pKnGR37GWpOSB2PCIt3Oj vU+gPmX5wkwpRBX9kK7TBYhomvw2ItTeFmMwzS3x2wtLdCb3xuvtvKHga7F3 jokdHtv2IAboMbZ1oA72KWp+fBm+fISL83BOEGt46fcIdFSmX5gD1kNjbM8D vk+wo7q.x2cQNg6mKXpqOofoi8.CW1NzoQOGtj8QboLsOzo7c6dlWV0zjFgD sM+yEkG1pRQaER6aMsXTI+YQ60imqasuM++QWPlmi ———–end_max5_patcher———– </code></pre>

Perspectives and Experiences: Looking at Miniatures

Artists,Reference — Ali Momeni @ 6:00 pm

DUE Feb 13, 2012 – Sensors to actuators, and “the stage”

Assignment — Ali Momeni @ 8:50 pm
  • Working circuit, software and parts for controlling at least 4 motors/lights independently with 4 photo-resistors; this must be prepared, assembled and ready to view at the beginning of class; there will be no time for problem-solving
  • Sketches for “the stage” for your final project; the stage should help you fasten your components (motors/lights) and present your collected miniature objects.  Be prepared to share drawings, sketches, descriptions and reference images for how you will go about designing and making a “stage”.  Each student will be expected to give a 5 minute presentation on their research/ideas for how and why the objects she has collected will be displayed and animated.

IN CLASS: Feb. 8, 2012, sensors to actuators

Electronics,In-Class,Max — Ali Momeni @ 9:05 pm

We continue our work with sensing circuits (using photoresistors) and actuators (LEDs, incandescent light bulbs, motors, and servos).  Connect the necessary components on a bread-board to do the following:

  • One photo resistor controlling the rotation of a servo motor
  • One photo resistor controlling the brightness of an LED
  • One photo resistor controlling the brightness of an incandescent light bulb
  • One photo resistor controlling the speed of a DC motor

Once the circuitry and the Max patch for the above set of mappings is complete, the begin integrating elements from your collection of very-small-things, by attaching some of your collected items to your motors and servos, and lighting other collected items with LEDs and light bulbs

Connecting simple analog sensors: Photoresistor to Microcontroller

Electronics,Reference — Ali Momeni @ 10:35 pm

Simple circuit for connecting a variable resistance sensor to a micro-controller (with details regarding our favorite microcontroller the Arduino-compatible Teensy):

Maxuino stepper beta-12 test!

Max — Ali Momeni @ 7:02 pm


Controlling DC Motors/Lights: Microcontroller to MOSFET

Electronics,Reference — Ali Momeni @ 6:27 pm

The above diagram shows how to use a microcontoller (like our Arduino-compatible Teeny board) and a MOSFET to turn on/off a DC motor or a light.

In the above diagram:

  • “Load”: your light or actuator (including motors, solenoids) and its two leads
  • “Load Power +12″: the positive terminal of your power supply; note that this voltage can be different than +12V” as long its within the MOSFET’s specifications
  • “MOSFET”: the three leads are labeled [G]ate, [D]rain and [S]ource; refer to the MOSFET’s datasheet to assure which pin is which
  • Grounds: the MOSFET’s [S]ource pin connects to the ground of the power supply; the microcontroller’s ground pin should also be connected to the ground of the power supply
  • “Control +5V”: this connection is to one of the digital outputs pins of the microcontroller (either Digital I/O or PWM)

maxuino fixer

Max — Ali Momeni @ 7:59 pm


DUE Feb 1, 2012 – Max Tutorials and notes, Stewart’s “On Longing”,

Assignment,Max,Readings — Ali Momeni @ 2:50 am

Please complete the following:

  • Add a comment to the blog post assigning “On Longing”, that includes: 1) Three ideas, responses, or questions about the assigned ready; each of the three should include at least two sentences (more is better), each should describe a reaction or thought to something in the text; note quotations from the text explicitly with page numbers.
  • Download the in-class max patches from Jan. 30, 2012, open the patch named “04. max and our miniaturs.maxpat” which lists the list of applications of Max to the miniatures project.  Apply each list item to something(s) in your collection of miniatures by describing what you’d like to add movement to, what thoughts you have on controlled lighting, what sensors you wish to use and why, etc.
  • Review the other Max patches from  in-class max patches from Jan. 30, 2012
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