DUE Feb 1, 2012 – Max Tutorials and notes, Stewart’s “On Longing”,

Assignment,Max,Readings — Ali Momeni @ 2:50 am

Please complete the following:

  • Add a comment to the blog post assigning “On Longing”, that includes: 1) Three ideas, responses, or questions about the assigned ready; each of the three should include at least two sentences (more is better), each should describe a reaction or thought to something in the text; note quotations from the text explicitly with page numbers.
  • Download the in-class max patches from Jan. 30, 2012, open the patch named “04. max and our miniaturs.maxpat” which lists the list of applications of Max to the miniatures project.  Apply each list item to something(s) in your collection of miniatures by describing what you’d like to add movement to, what thoughts you have on controlled lighting, what sensors you wish to use and why, etc.
  • Review the other Max patches from  in-class max patches from Jan. 30, 2012

IN CLASS: Jan 30, 2012 – Intro to Cycling 74 Max

In-Class,Max — Ali Momeni @ 8:59 pm

Patches made in class are here.

Microscrope Art from Cracked

Uncategorized — Connie @ 6:37 pm

8 Amazing Works of Art You Need a Microscope to Appreciate

DUE Jan 30, 2012 – Software to download/install

Assignment — Ali Momeni @ 3:39 pm

Below, the list of necessary software for getting started with Max and the Arduino platform:

  • Maxdownload the latest version for your operating system
  • Arduinodownload the latest version for your operating system
  • Maxuinodownload the latest version listed at the top

Doherty Hall laser cutter hours and policies

Laser cutter — Ali Momeni @ 7:31 pm

Please refer to this document for hours and policies for the 2012 CMU Doherty Hall lasercutter: hours & policies.

IN CLASS: Jan 23, 2012

Artists,In-Class — Ali Momeni @ 5:59 pm


The big questions/the big map

  • Why is the notion of uncanny important to us as artists?
  • Why read Freud?
Topics from the article:
  • language
  • Hoffman’s sand man
  • the eye and the male organ (p. 8, left, bottom)
  • automata, the uncanny valley (p. 7 left)
  • the double (p. 10, right, middle)
  • repetition: groundhog day (p. 11, left, top)
  • repetition: coincidence  (p. 11, left, bottom)
  • repetition: neurosis (p. 11, right bottom)
  • the evil eye (pp. 12, right, middle)
  • the omnipotence of thought
  • epilepsy and disease (p. 14, right, bottom)
  • imagination meeting reality (p. 15, left)
  • surmounted feelings (p. 15, left and p. 17 left)

ASSIGNMENT SHOW AND TELL (two miniatures) (2.15pm-3pm)



DUE Jan 30, 2012 – Stewart and two collections

Assignment,Readings — Ali Momeni @ 5:44 pm
  1. Read the Prologue and first chapter On longing by Susan Stewart (1984)
  2. Conceive, collect and curate two miniature collections



DUE Jan 23, 2012 – Freud & Two Miniature Scenarios

Assignment,Readings — Ali Momeni @ 7:58 pm
  1. Read Freud’s Uncanny
  2. Compose, Stage and Photograph two miniature scenarios that are in conversation with one another; upload final images to Blackboard in jpg format, at or above 1024 x 768 resolution.



Shadows, movements, obsessions, automata

Artists,Reference — Ali Momeni @ 5:03 pm






Student Works


Course Administration — Ali Momeni @ 8:40 pm

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