DUE Feb 1, 2012 – Max Tutorials and notes, Stewart’s “On Longing”,

Assignment,Max,Readings — Ali Momeni @ 2:50 am

Please complete the following:

  • Add a comment to the blog post assigning “On Longing”, that includes: 1) Three ideas, responses, or questions about the assigned ready; each of the three should include at least two sentences (more is better), each should describe a reaction or thought to something in the text; note quotations from the text explicitly with page numbers.
  • Download the in-class max patches from Jan. 30, 2012, open the patch named “04. max and our miniaturs.maxpat” which lists the list of applications of Max to the miniatures project.  Apply each list item to something(s) in your collection of miniatures by describing what you’d like to add movement to, what thoughts you have on controlled lighting, what sensors you wish to use and why, etc.
  • Review the other Max patches from  in-class max patches from Jan. 30, 2012


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