Assignment,Description,Final Project,Submission — Sam Ticknor @ 2:05 pm

For my final project I created a claymation titled “Theory On Friends and Strangers”, inspired by a mathematical theorem governing group dynamics. I took my projcet in a slightly different direction by illustrating the negative consequences that some group dynamics can have. My video is two acts, the second act is about the negative effects that the group members have each other. I plan on expanding on and clarifying the second act.

My video:

Theorem On Friends And Strangers

My character models:

My ‘studio’:

A page from my storyboard:

Claymation WIP

Assignment,Description,Final Project — Sam Ticknor @ 12:14 pm


I have completed the character models and other props needed for my animation. My characters may have some changes. I am now deciding how I want my video to look. I am leaning towards a crisp black and white film at the moment. I don’t usually do black and white but I think it could look nice here. After setting up some shots and experimenting with lighting, I am ready to start animating.

Final Project Proposal

Assignment,Description — Nicole Anderson @ 1:37 pm

For my final project I plan on continuing the piece I was making for my sewing project.

It should look something like this

(I modeled it in rhino so I could get the dimensions right)

They are made out of sheer transparent fabric and suspended in the trees.


There will be video projection of found home videos on each of the layers, each layer being played slightly slower than the layer outside of it.

Final Project Proposal

Assignment,Description — lindsay cavallo @ 1:30 pm

My final piece will revolve around themes of comfort, secret keeping, and the idea of interior spaces.

The idea came to me when I was thinking about Ali’s advice to integrate all of our class work together.  Recently I have become obsessed with small squares made up of tiny scribbles.  So far, however, my work with these squares has been very 2D.  I figured it would be really interesting to see how these squares would translate into a 3D/installation type piece.  The squares have a huge focus on interior space, and hidden complexity.  I plan to translate this to 3D by creating a piece that not only contains my thoughts and worries, but also swallows me.


Final Project proposal

Assignment,Description,Reference,Theory — Sam Ticknor @ 12:36 pm

The general theme of my final project is human interaction with others.

I know that I want to make a video piece but I have two ideas on the subject matter.

One idea, is based off of the mathematical Ramsey Theory, specifically the impact of Ramsey theory on the Theorem on friends and strangers, which can be read about here:

I was thinking either embroidering or molding the heads and making the video piece of the lines being stitched, or tied.


My other idea was to create, using molding, knotting, and sewing, a 3D environment that is just as detailed and particular at a large scale as it is at a small scale. I would then incorporate a similar idea to my knotting project, and bring in some animals and humans to interact with each other and  the environment. I would film this experiment.

Sewing Project Inspiration

Assignment,Description — Melissa Bryan @ 12:50 pm

With the theme of “domesticity”, I’m more interested in what makes something a home, namely the comfort found from the family that lives within.  As with most of my work, I look to natural forms for inspiration.  Many things nestle together in cozy clumps, forming a sort of “family” whether they’re genetically related or not.

This clumping , much like hugging or cuddling between humans, provides the support and comfort of a family unit.

Throughout my life, I have felt rather excluded from any family-like clump, whether one between friends or actual family, I have always felt on the outside.  Through my piece I want to create a clump of sewn objects bound together by many threads, with one object so loosely bound that it’s falling far away from the main clump, to give that individual object a feeling of loneliness, rejection, and abandonment.

Assignment 2: A Red Ball of Yarn

Assignment,Description,Knot making — Jean Kwon @ 12:56 am

For this piece, I was inspired by Shinkichi Tajiri’s Friendship Knot. To turn something we trivialize into something so grand and big instantly grabbed my attention. We tend to do things, wear things, get things without paying attention to where they came from and why they were created. It makes us sit still and think for awhile of the things we trivialize. That’s what I got from Tajiri’s Friendship Knot. Similar to that piece, I wanted to display something we trivialize in public in its unconventional size to make people perceive something that has very small presence in our lives differently.

This Red Ball of Yarn has a deeper conceptual meaning. There is a single knot made in the center and the threads are just wrapped around that knot. This continuous ravel of the threads represents both connection and complication in relationships. And for people to interact with this piece in public in playful manner lets people forget about all the small complications in life.


Assignment 2: Comfort


For this assignment I drew inspiration from a fable I remember fondly from my youth, Aesop’s  ‘The Lion and the Mouse’. In this fable, a mouse proves he is more worthy than he appears by chewing a lion free from a rope trap.


Assignment One: The Concept of Circulation

Assignment,Description,Submission — Hojae Jung @ 1:18 pm

Laid out a 22″x30″ white stonehenge paper, cut it into four pieces of quadrangle, and started exploring every possible way to transform it into a sculpture.

The work consists of four steps representing the concept of circulation, inspired by the ideas of “blank slate,” “Karma,” “The Law of Nature,” and so on.

Each step represents a state of circulation. Starting out from a long zigzig torn piece of paper, in a counter clockwise direction, it begins to explore its ways to build itself, grows  gradually, moves onto next level and another, reaches eventually the staring point, and keeps circulating.

Assignment 1: Progress

In thinking about progress, I was immediately attracted to the process of analyzing the progress we have made in order to predict the behavior of things to come.


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