Assignment 2: A Red Ball of Yarn

Assignment,Description,Knot making — Jean Kwon @ 12:56 am

For this piece, I was inspired by Shinkichi Tajiri’s Friendship Knot. To turn something we trivialize into something so grand and big instantly grabbed my attention. We tend to do things, wear things, get things without paying attention to where they came from and why they were created. It makes us sit still and think for awhile of the things we trivialize. That’s what I got from Tajiri’s Friendship Knot. Similar to that piece, I wanted to display something we trivialize in public in its unconventional size to make people perceive something that has very small presence in our lives differently.

This Red Ball of Yarn has a deeper conceptual meaning. There is a single knot made in the center and the threads are just wrapped around that knot. This continuous ravel of the threads represents both connection and complication in relationships. And for people to interact with this piece in public in playful manner lets people forget about all the small complications in life.



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