final project: projection house

Assignment,Final Project — Nicole Anderson @ 4:04 pm

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Projection in house meant to explore the idea of conscious memory and how our attempts to preserve and remember experiences through documentation actually permanently distort and alter these events we are so desperately clinging to. A little wonky, but I hope to revisit it in the future, perhaps revisiting the idea of installing outdoors. Also have like 18 minutes of unedited video documentation but I don’t think word press can handle that upload.


Assignment,Final Project,Modelling — Melissa Bryan @ 9:33 pm


Émouvan is an organ in the body that dictates human emotions.  This specimen suffered from a mutation that creates skin layers that hinder communication with the nervous system and dull emotions.


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My final project is three separate sculptures each paired with a corresponding poem. The sculptures are representations of the physical aspects of memories that I describe in the poems. Each poem describes an experience of physical pain or rupture that was important or striking to me as a child. These were experiences that each impacted my perception of people and pain.


Assignment,Description,Final Project,Submission — Sam Ticknor @ 2:05 pm

For my final project I created a claymation titled “Theory On Friends and Strangers”, inspired by a mathematical theorem governing group dynamics. I took my projcet in a slightly different direction by illustrating the negative consequences that some group dynamics can have. My video is two acts, the second act is about the negative effects that the group members have each other. I plan on expanding on and clarifying the second act.

My video:

Theorem On Friends And Strangers

My character models:

My ‘studio’:

A page from my storyboard:

Final Project

Assignment,Final Project,Submission — Hojae Jung @ 1:53 pm

Final Project

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Assignment,Final Project — Jean Kwon @ 1:09 pm

Silence, by definition, is complete absence of sound. However, this would be impossible in real life. If there is complete absence of sound around you, you would at last hear your own heart beat. Therefore, silence isn’t complete absence of sound, rather it is an absolute focus on a single sound due to the absence of other sounds.

I read an article about silence in our generation. People say our generation is in complete lack of silence. Meaning, we don’t give enough attention to our silence when it is all around us. I experience silence everyday, and I haven’t given it much attention until I started this project. So I decided to record a portion of my day, when I experience silence the most; at night right before I go to bed.

This instillation forces people to listen to my silence, the silence I experience during my ordinary day. There is a speaker installed at the ver y top of the canopy, and the sound of silence travels through the dark funnel of fabric. As the sound travels through the dark space, people become more and more aware of the silence as the darkness forces them to rely on their hearing. This is a complete appreciation for the sound that is going extinct.

Final Project: Secrets

Assignment,Final Project,Submission — lindsay cavallo @ 1:00 pm

A physical representation of inner thoughts, and how I deal with them.  Hidden on campus and in the surrounding areas, only one of the recipients has a chance of finding their 2 inch cube.

Final Project

Assignment,Final Project — rachel.june.park @ 12:51 pm

Two people stay outside, one person experience a room inside.

What can you see? or what can’t you see?

Final Project: Progress/ Failure

Assignment,Final Project — Isabelle Jiang @ 11:44 am

Testing out materials for the final project. First batch had a remarkable lack of structural integrity and basically dissolved instantly upon demoulding. Much jello was wasted.

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