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Silence, by definition, is complete absence of sound. However, this would be impossible in real life. If there is complete absence of sound around you, you would at last hear your own heart beat. Therefore, silence isn’t complete absence of sound, rather it is an absolute focus on a single sound due to the absence of other sounds.

I read an article about silence in our generation. People say our generation is in complete lack of silence. Meaning, we don’t give enough attention to our silence when it is all around us. I experience silence everyday, and I haven’t given it much attention until I started this project. So I decided to record a portion of my day, when I experience silence the most; at night right before I go to bed.

This instillation forces people to listen to my silence, the silence I experience during my ordinary day. There is a speaker installed at the ver y top of the canopy, and the sound of silence travels through the dark funnel of fabric. As the sound travels through the dark space, people become more and more aware of the silence as the darkness forces them to rely on their hearing. This is a complete appreciation for the sound that is going extinct.


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