Artists,Reference — Sam Ticknor @ 1:43 pm

I would like to go in a direction towards a claymation animation for my final project. While researching artists working in this medium, I came across some really amazing work by Allison Schulnik. The movement in the clay reminds me a bit of ‘Baby Snakes’.

Here is her website, she also does painting and sculpture work:

Below are some screenshots from her films:

Researching On Final

Artists,Reference — Jean Kwon @ 12:57 pm

For the final project, I’m planning on continuing my studies on fabric speakers. I looked at several artists for visual and conceptual inspiration. Janet Cardiff recently did a project called Forest where she installed more than 30 speakers in a forest, each speaker emitting “near synchronicity of natural or mediated sounds” (Gregory Volk).

I also looked at David Tudor’s Rainforest collection. This music collection was of “endangered” sounds we would hear in rainforest. It is said that “the result is a timeless sonic environment full of rech textures offering the listener an infinite variety of aural densities and spatial effects. Intensely alive and unlimited” (mode 64).

It seems that to distinguish this fabric speaker as an art piece, having a conceptual idea would be very important. Otherwise, it would just become another form of speaker. I thought about what kind of sound I would want the speakers to make. I think it would be smart to play sounds that would add to the characteristics of the fabric speaker, which is soft and small. Like whispers of sound and music.

Visually, I’ve been inspired by Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s The Gates piece. The color, texture, and the instillation seemed visually so beautiful.

I’ve also looked at Robin Minard‘s works. His work is the most closely related to mine where he installed vines of speakers on the wall. His work somewhat imitates how ivy would grow on the walls. Visually, I thought his work was also simple yet captivating.

Karla Black

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Karla Black has been an inspiration to me for quite sometime.
Her sculptures appear minimal, however their significance comes from process, as well as use of material.
She is someone who works with a plethora of materials, from nails to moisturizer.


Assignment — Melissa Bryan @ 4:55 pm


This piece aims not to mimic nature, but to create my own version of nature.  Through this piece I also hope to convey a sense of community by the cluster of organic objects nestled in the tree.  The lone organism further down the tree serves as a reminder of what it’s like to be outside the comfort of a family or social group.

Final Project Proposal

Assignment,Description — Nicole Anderson @ 1:37 pm

For my final project I plan on continuing the piece I was making for my sewing project.

It should look something like this

(I modeled it in rhino so I could get the dimensions right)

They are made out of sheer transparent fabric and suspended in the trees.


There will be video projection of found home videos on each of the layers, each layer being played slightly slower than the layer outside of it.

Final Project Proposal

Assignment,Description — lindsay cavallo @ 1:30 pm

My final piece will revolve around themes of comfort, secret keeping, and the idea of interior spaces.

The idea came to me when I was thinking about Ali’s advice to integrate all of our class work together.  Recently I have become obsessed with small squares made up of tiny scribbles.  So far, however, my work with these squares has been very 2D.  I figured it would be really interesting to see how these squares would translate into a 3D/installation type piece.  The squares have a huge focus on interior space, and hidden complexity.  I plan to translate this to 3D by creating a piece that not only contains my thoughts and worries, but also swallows me.


Final Project proposal

Assignment,Description,Reference,Theory — Sam Ticknor @ 12:36 pm

The general theme of my final project is human interaction with others.

I know that I want to make a video piece but I have two ideas on the subject matter.

One idea, is based off of the mathematical Ramsey Theory, specifically the impact of Ramsey theory on the Theorem on friends and strangers, which can be read about here:

I was thinking either embroidering or molding the heads and making the video piece of the lines being stitched, or tied.


My other idea was to create, using molding, knotting, and sewing, a 3D environment that is just as detailed and particular at a large scale as it is at a small scale. I would then incorporate a similar idea to my knotting project, and bring in some animals and humans to interact with each other and  the environment. I would film this experiment.

Assignment 3: Companionship

Assignment,Uncategorized — carolinavogt @ 1:30 pm

This piece is still in the works, however the idea behind it was to create three structures that acted as “coat hangers” for people to leave behind traces of them in their absence. I was focused on the idea of companionship without the physical presence.

Assignment Three: Companion

Assignment — Hojae Jung @ 1:06 pm

Assignment 3: companion

Assignment,Submission — rachel.june.park @ 12:38 pm

Floating spirals with two entrances


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