Sewing Project Inspiration

Assignment,Description — Melissa Bryan @ 12:50 pm

With the theme of “domesticity”, I’m more interested in what makes something a home, namely the comfort found from the family that lives within.  As with most of my work, I look to natural forms for inspiration.  Many things nestle together in cozy clumps, forming a sort of “family” whether they’re genetically related or not.

This clumping , much like hugging or cuddling between humans, provides the support and comfort of a family unit.

Throughout my life, I have felt rather excluded from any family-like clump, whether one between friends or actual family, I have always felt on the outside.  Through my piece I want to create a clump of sewn objects bound together by many threads, with one object so loosely bound that it’s falling far away from the main clump, to give that individual object a feeling of loneliness, rejection, and abandonment.


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