Will You Support Me?

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In this piece I contemplated the role of the traditional American couple.¬†Traditionally, it is the man’s duty to support the woman financially and the woman’s duty to uphold the house. The yarn symbolizes the work done by the female figure to build this bondage. The masculine figure is seen supporting her weight under her rear and on the small of her back. The clothing materials were chosen to mock the stereotypes associated with these roles. The man’s costume is made of denim, army print, and black leather. These materials represent masculinity, ¬†aggression and toughness. The woman’s costume is composed of lace, soft floral, and a pink dress. These articles represent femininity, fragility and frivolity. These articles of clothing, like the stereotypes associated with them, are outdated. The piece is structured so that when worn the couple is in a loving embrace. However their hands are bound, so the position becomes uncomfortable over time. Thus the support that holds the costume together also restricts them from easily escaping it. Because their hands are bound within the structure, they are also unable to lift the masks that cover their faces. Their duties in marriage, along with the pressure to conform to masculine and feminine stereotypes, have diluted their identities and forced them into an awkward embrace that should only occur out of natural love.


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