Me and my Dreams

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When I was a kid, I used to have nightmares that a big black dog would come eat my dreams, and that’s why I could never remember any of my dreams in the morning.  So I created this padded sort-of-helmet, which would protect me and my dreams while I slept.

Wide Awake.

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Failure Part 3

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“Conscious Sleep”

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Sleep is an unconscious, vulnerable and unknowing state of which we all experience daily. This soft sculpture piece connects the sleeping, unconscious world to the alert and awake world. The photo series shows the process of a full sleep (the intact sleeping mask placed over both models’ eyes) to a half sleep as represented by a split, overly plush and exaggerated mask. The winding fabric in between not only links the models but represents the unpredictable state from the experience of sleeping. It is a connection to the unknown. In a way, this piece gives security to the models, as well as my audience, by only blinding one eye as opposed to sleeping with both eyes blinded.

Opportunity: Spring 2013 SURG DEADLINE: OCTOBER 24th

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SURG Deadline:  October 24, 2012

Research Support is Available for all Disciplines–the Humanities, Social Science and Arts, Business, Computer Science, Engineering, and the Sciences

Informationand Proposal

NOTE:  SURG Proposal Writing Sessions

Wednesday, October 10   12:00-1:00 p.m.  UC/Rangos 3
Wednesday, October 17    4:30-5:30 p.m.   UC/Peter/Wright/McKenna Rooms

Small Undergraduate Research Grants (SURG) are open to ALL undergraduates in any discipline, freshman-seniors.  Grants are available of up to $500 for single entries and up to $1,000 for group entries to cover such things as the costs of supplies and materials, time on laboratory equipment, or travel toanother city for archives.

The deadline for Spring 2013 SURG proposals is Wednesday, October 24th at 5:00 PM .  Apply online at  We strongly recommend that you attend the SURG Proposal Writing Sessions.  It is the quality of the proposal that determines who is selected. We are also available to review a draft of your proposal: URO Director, Stephanie Wallach (  or URO Assistant Director, Jennifer Keating Miller (, no later than October 22th.  Please contact them by email to make an appointment.

Make a contribution.  Work with a mentor.  Follow a passion.  Develop an idea.  Solve a problem.  Create, build, perform, discover. 

Apply for SURG.


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Mudge Swing

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Me in my cocoon

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Geodesic Sphere Origami

Our assignment was to create, out of origami, an object that represents ‘progress’. I have always been fascinated by nature’s ability to form geometry shapes out of atoms to molecules, an interesting example of this would be the bucky ball.

I chose to create the geodesic sphere origami using the laser cutter. To me, the sphere in many aspects represents progress because of its constant repeating faces, the more faces the object encompassed the more sphere it becomes. However the object also holds elements of failure, because although the more faces the object has the more sphere-like it will become, it will never become a sphere, which has only one face.


Knot Assignment – Ticha

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