Vessels and Tessellation

Artists,Folding,Reference — Nicole Anderson @ 6:10 am

I came across these really beautiful origami vases and vessels by Rebecca Geiseking. I don’t quite know how to explain it, but it almost feels like her work is breathing. You can see her flickr here.

I’m really interested in Oragami tessellations also. I found this handy little basic reference for it here (pay attention to the page numbers, it was intended to be printed and made into a book, so if you are reading it online, the pages are out of order. I’ve been fumbling around with it, but to limited success. Very interested in experimenting with rastering the pre-creasing with the laser cutter.
Here is a nifty little time lapse of a really intense tessellation. There are also a bunch of tutorials on youtube if you poke around.


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