Assignment 2: A Red Ball of Yarn

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For this piece, I was inspired by Shinkichi Tajiri’s Friendship Knot. To turn something we trivialize into something so grand and big instantly grabbed my attention. We tend to do things, wear things, get things without paying attention to where they came from and why they were created. It makes us sit still and think for awhile of the things we trivialize. That’s what I got from Tajiri’s Friendship Knot. Similar to that piece, I wanted to display something we trivialize in public in its unconventional size to make people perceive something that has very small presence in our lives differently.

This Red Ball of Yarn has a deeper conceptual meaning. There is a single knot made in the center and the threads are just wrapped around that knot. This continuous ravel of the threads represents both connection and complication in relationships. And for people to interact with this piece in public in playful manner lets people forget about all the small complications in life.


Assignment2: comfort

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Assignment 2: Comfort


For this assignment I drew inspiration from a fable I remember fondly from my youth, Aesop’s  ‘The Lion and the Mouse’. In this fable, a mouse proves he is more worthy than he appears by chewing a lion free from a rope trap.



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Jon Cuba:
(you should look at all his work though)

Louise Bourgeois used knotting in both her two dimensional and three dimensional work

Knots, Knots, Knots

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Shinkichi Tajiri (b. 1923 in Netherlands)

Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd (b. 1934 in Sweden)

Eva Hesse (b. 1936 in Germany)

Nobuyoshi Araki (b. 1940 in Japan)

Marina Abramović (b. 1946 in Serbia)

Tim Hawkinson (b. 1960 in USA)
Maurizio Cattelan (b, 1960 in Italy)

Michael Beitz (b. 19xx in xx)

Adel Abdessemed (b. 1971 in Constantine, Algeria)

Paul Loebach (b. 1972 in Germany)



Pins & Thread

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Since this week is about knot making, I thought it would be nice to share an artist who works with pins and threads, Debbie Smith. Her work is entirely made up of these two materials, creating a big-scale scenery. The treatment and exhibition of the media change our perception of the materials as more artful forms.

Knot making

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Knot-making references

Assignment 1: Art of Paper Folding

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Here are images of the process and the outcome of my experimentation for this assignment. I was really inspired by Richard Sweeney‘s studies on paper folding. There was this certain complexity in areas that somehow expressed simplicity and elegance in its complete form. I thought this came for the repetition of accurate folds that lead for the paper to transform into a very dimensional form. I started from a small piece of paper and created simple folds. From that I tried some complex folds. Then I worked with bigger sheets of paper and created multiple folds. This lead to me create a sculptural piece, which somewhat resembled Sweeney’s works.

Delayed Progress

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I’ve had a pen pal since summer of 2010, however last December I stopped responding due to the accumulation of tasks and busy work that consumed this past year of my life. I resorted to communicating with her in ways that seemed more expedient; however with that we lost an element that was characteristic of our friendship.

Being here brings me back to a state of compulsive list making and constantly attempting, and often failing to complete assignments. Rather than complete this project for a letter grade, I’ve decided to use it as a means to accomplish a personal task. The content of the envelope serves as an excuse for my delayed response, however the assignment being an incentive to respond ten months later demonstrates the still present importance of academic requirements over personal ones.



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Rather than forward progress, I chose to represent a backwards progression. Beautiful gem or stone-like objects decay and fall apart. They spew the earth that they came from and will return to, while maggots aid in the process.

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