Embroidery by Stephen Sollins

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This artist has a really cool process for his embroidery works:

He “unworks” cross-stitch samplers, and then re-works the ground fabric in the same number of stitches and colors as the original composition (a ghostly outline remains).


I really appreciate both the aesthetic and the process of his work.

Making and Unmaking

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A couple artists using fabric and sewing:

For some straight up lovely embroidery: Allison Watkins. Love the slight irony of embroidering images of fabric onto fabric, as well as just the aesthetics of this (thin, tenuous linework, etc.)

A slightly more process based artist using fabric: Ilysia Van Deren

She did a whole series of these handkerchiefs. Her statement is as follows:

How-To documents the process of ripping and re-sewing vintage handkerchiefs by hand, sometimes repeatedly. The projected video exposes a neurotic, obsessive process that is simultaneously mesmerizing and unsettling. The process acts as a means of releasing internalized experiences and frustrations, making the modification of each piece of fabric a uniquely personal and cathartic act. The hyper-detailed scanned images act as a document of the destruction; each fiber, tear and sloppy stitch on display for examination. Forever altered, these objects take on new identities. The act of repair becomes an integral part of a continuous cycle of destruction and reconstruction, of tearing down and building up.

Super into how process based this is, and the idea of destruction as construction (currently a Very Relevant Theme in my work)

There is also a video piece that goes with it:

How-To from Ilysia Van Deren on Vimeo.

Also a fan of this series by her:

More embroidery stuff

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This website is also a good reference


Queen of embroidery

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Here are some of Jenny Hart’s embroideries.

Other Inspirations

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This piece is done in the 17th floor lobby of the Hilton Pattaya Hotel.

And this piece was done by Adrianopoulos and Associates.

Inspirational Artists for Soft Sculpture: Yuko Takada Keller

Artists,Reference — Hojae Jung @ 1:12 pm


Mandy Greer

Artists,Reference — Nicole Anderson @ 12:30 pm

Mandy Greer is the bestest. I saw her knitted installation in Seattle and it was wonderful. They are sort of community projects, she has groups of people make piece of her larger works, and the end result is a very intimate handmade effect. Pretty much, it’s awesome. Her website is not super organized, but you can see it here.


Fabric inspiration

Artists,Reference — Isabelle Jiang @ 10:44 am

One of the most important contemporary artists working in Europe, Annette Messager fragments images and language to explore the concept of fiction, the dialogue between individual and collective identity, and the social issues of normalcy, morality, and the role of women. In her work she forcefully illustrates the idea that all things — a child’s beloved toy, a photograph, a piece of embroidery, a word with seemingly unambiguous meaning — can be transformed into objects of potent expression.




Soft Sculpture Inspiration: Paul Klee Puppets

Artists — Maggy Navin @ 3:32 pm

Soft Sculpture Inspiration

Artists,Reference — Maggy Navin @ 3:27 pm

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