Assignment 2: Comfort

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After over twelve hours straight of tying knots, I was glad the prompt was comfort.


Assignment 2: Comfort

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Assignment 2: Comfort

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Assignment 2: Comfort

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Assignment2: comfort

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Assignment 2: Comfort


For this assignment I drew inspiration from a fable I remember fondly from my youth, Aesop’s  ‘The Lion and the Mouse’. In this fable, a mouse proves he is more worthy than he appears by chewing a lion free from a rope trap.



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Jon Cuba:
(you should look at all his work though)

Louise Bourgeois used knotting in both her two dimensional and three dimensional work

Assignment 1: Progress

Assignment,Submission — Isabelle Jiang @ 5:04 pm

The concept behind my first project was to illustrate in a non literal sense the progression an animal makes from living organism to edible, and the fact that the essential identity of the animal flesh does not change even though the name transforms. The tessellated origami form  was used to convey a sense of structural soundness, essentially creating an atmospheric “world”, a representation of the throat through which the animal, in the form of meat, passes through.


Assignment 1: Art of Paper Folding

Assignment,Folding,Submission — Jean Kwon @ 4:05 pm

Here are images of the process and the outcome of my experimentation for this assignment. I was really inspired by Richard Sweeney‘s studies on paper folding. There was this certain complexity in areas that somehow expressed simplicity and elegance in its complete form. I thought this came for the repetition of accurate folds that lead for the paper to transform into a very dimensional form. I started from a small piece of paper and created simple folds. From that I tried some complex folds. Then I worked with bigger sheets of paper and created multiple folds. This lead to me create a sculptural piece, which somewhat resembled Sweeney’s works.

Assignment One: The Concept of Circulation

Assignment,Description,Submission — Hojae Jung @ 1:18 pm

Laid out a 22″x30″ white stonehenge paper, cut it into four pieces of quadrangle, and started exploring every possible way to transform it into a sculpture.

The work consists of four steps representing the concept of circulation, inspired by the ideas of “blank slate,” “Karma,” “The Law of Nature,” and so on.

Each step represents a state of circulation. Starting out from a long zigzig torn piece of paper, in a counter clockwise direction, it begins to explore its ways to build itself, grows  gradually, moves onto next level and another, reaches eventually the staring point, and keeps circulating.

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