Lauren DiCioccio

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Lauren DiCioccio makes exiquisite soft sculptures, primarily fabric reproductins of everyday objects that are slowly becoming obsolete (newspapers, lined paper, watches, etc) . I love that she leaves her pieces very messy, with the loose threads sort of emphasizing the care that went into creating each object. I really like her organza trash bags, the reproduction of these temporary disposable objects in a very delicate, high effort materials is really beautiful.

Her website is here.

Musical Puppets

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Thinking about conductive fabric, I started wondering about its consumer applications, as well as it’s use in the diy craft scene.  It’s amazing how willing people are to put up patterns and tutorials on the internet.  I ended up finding this musical puppet, using a really fun and interesting machine called a Drawdio.  While I wouldn’t say this puppet takes complete advantage of the Drawdio’s capabilities, it’s still pretty cool.



Fail Harder

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Here’s an interesting piece on display at Wieden + Kennedy Advertising Agency in Portland. It also speaks to the idea of effort as it took over 300 hours to make and used 100,000 thumbtacks.

Assignment2: comfort

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Assignment 2: Comfort


For this assignment I drew inspiration from a fable I remember fondly from my youth, Aesop’s  ‘The Lion and the Mouse’. In this fable, a mouse proves he is more worthy than he appears by chewing a lion free from a rope trap.


Philippe Petit: An interesting take on ropes and comfort

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This is Philippe Petit, a french high-wire artist. He made a famous traversal of the twin towers on tightrope in 1974. I think many parts of this performance apply to our current assignment on ‘comfort’. It also brings up a distinction between performance and performance art. How would you categorize Petit? An artist or a showman?

There was also an academy award winning documentary on Petit, “Man on Wire”:


Progress, little by little

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I made an origami tessellation which is suspended below a bag of water. The water bag has been punctured in multiple spots, each hole correlating to a major cultural hub throughout history. The water drips onto the tessellation, filling the folds and causing subtle sounds and movements. Eventually the paper will dissenigrate as it becomes oversaturated and these progressive regions can no longer support how rapidly they are growing.

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