Final Project

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More Artist Inspiration- Bobbi Meier

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Artist Inspiration

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Olga Chagaoutdinova- made with beeswax (Blob series)

David Harper “A Fear of Unknown Origin”

Sabine Glasser “Kiss”

Assignment 3

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Soft Sculpture Inspiration: Paul Klee Puppets

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Soft Sculpture Inspiration

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Fail Harder

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Here’s an interesting piece on display at Wieden + Kennedy Advertising Agency in Portland. It also speaks to the idea of effort as it took over 300 hours to make and used 100,000 thumbtacks.

Assignment 2: Comfort

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Soft Sculpture Artist Inspiration

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Here are a few talented sculpture artists I’ve recently come across and thought I should share:

Lisa Kellner: site responsive silk pieces

Mary Button Durell: organic paper sculptures

Tara Donovan: Although she doesn’t use soft materials, she’s an good reference for sculpture pieces

Sophie Truong: makes some fascinating pieces by sewing tea bags together and also has some pieces that include fiber cobwebs

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