Final Project: Secrets

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A physical representation of inner thoughts, and how I deal with them.  Hidden on campus and in the surrounding areas, only one of the recipients has a chance of finding their 2 inch cube.

In Progress Cubes

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I have made four cubes, and plan to continue until I run out of fabric or time.  I plan to make the  messages more complicated as I continue.


Final Project Proposal

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My final piece will revolve around themes of comfort, secret keeping, and the idea of interior spaces.

The idea came to me when I was thinking about Ali’s advice to integrate all of our class work together.  Recently I have become obsessed with small squares made up of tiny scribbles.  So far, however, my work with these squares has been very 2D.  I figured it would be really interesting to see how these squares would translate into a 3D/installation type piece.  The squares have a huge focus on interior space, and hidden complexity.  I plan to translate this to 3D by creating a piece that not only contains my thoughts and worries, but also swallows me.


Assignment 3: Domesticity/Comfort

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traditional feminine craft for traditional feminine worry

you’ll get tired of me

fabric squares batiked and dyed with coffee

playing with sensors

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spent the weekend making this little contraption

Musical Puppets

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Thinking about conductive fabric, I started wondering about its consumer applications, as well as it’s use in the diy craft scene.  It’s amazing how willing people are to put up patterns and tutorials on the internet.  I ended up finding this musical puppet, using a really fun and interesting machine called a Drawdio.  While I wouldn’t say this puppet takes complete advantage of the Drawdio’s capabilities, it’s still pretty cool.




Knot making,Reference — lindsay cavallo @ 1:16 pm

While this knot museum isn’t exactly in walking distance, it was fun to browse through the website.  It’s always so interesting to find people or places so devoted to something we often see as trivial or unimportant.

Here ya go.

Assignment 2: Comfort

Assignment,Knot making,Submission — lindsay cavallo @ 1:00 pm

After over twelve hours straight of tying knots, I was glad the prompt was comfort.


Another artist for inspiration

Artists,Reference — lindsay cavallo @ 3:14 pm

Stumbled upon the work of Tara Donovan while working on my project.  Really got me thinking about medium and how different materials can have different connotations.

More of her work here.

Assignment 1: Progress

Assignment,Submission — lindsay cavallo @ 1:12 pm

I think for this project, I spent a lot of time thinking about the concept, and maybe not enough time physically creating the piece.  Thinking about progress led me to think about lack of progress, and how people can often have a lot of potential, but then don’t actualize it because of laziness or other problems.  Which led to the garbage can of given up dreams, which is filled with origami stars, scraps of paper, as well as scraps from making the project itself.  I definitely overestimated the sturdiness of my layered Matte Medium membrane, and if I decide to use that technique again, I’d have to use a lot more layers to get the structure I wanted.  So I guess this assignment has been a learning experience and has helped me progress as an artist.


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