Final Project: Progress/ Failure

Assignment,Final Project — Isabelle Jiang @ 11:44 am

Testing out materials for the final project. First batch had a remarkable lack of structural integrity and basically dissolved instantly upon demoulding. Much jello was wasted.

Fabric inspiration

Artists,Reference — Isabelle Jiang @ 10:44 am

One of the most important contemporary artists working in Europe, Annette Messager fragments images and language to explore the concept of fiction, the dialogue between individual and collective identity, and the social issues of normalcy, morality, and the role of women. In her work she forcefully illustrates the idea that all things — a child’s beloved toy, a photograph, a piece of embroidery, a word with seemingly unambiguous meaning — can be transformed into objects of potent expression.




Assignment 2: Comfort

Assignment,Knot making,Submission — Isabelle Jiang @ 11:16 am


Assignment 1: Progress

Assignment,Submission — Isabelle Jiang @ 5:04 pm

The concept behind my first project was to illustrate in a non literal sense the progression an animal makes from living organism to edible, and the fact that the essential identity of the animal flesh does not change even though the name transforms. The tessellated origami form  was used to convey a sense of structural soundness, essentially creating an atmospheric “world”, a representation of the throat through which the animal, in the form of meat, passes through.


Origami with Curved Planes

Folding — Isabelle Jiang @ 3:57 pm

Some interesting resources I came upon discussing the creation of curved origami surfaces:

Some examples of and directions for creating basic curved elements

Informative page on modelling the behavior of curved paper or fabric


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