Final Project

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“Art about art”

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I was reading articles about Art Basel and found Zin Taylor, and immediately thought about the conversation we had about “art thats about art”. I think he serves as a pretty good example of this type of work:


Joao Vasco Paiva

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Karla Black

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Karla Black has been an inspiration to me for quite sometime.
Her sculptures appear minimal, however their significance comes from process, as well as use of material.
She is someone who works with a plethora of materials, from nails to moisturizer.

Assignment 3: Companionship

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This piece is still in the works, however the idea behind it was to create three structures that acted as “coat hangers” for people to leave behind traces of them in their absence. I was focused on the idea of companionship without the physical presence.

More embroidery stuff

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This website is also a good reference

Queen of embroidery

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Here are some of Jenny Hart’s embroideries.

Fiber artists

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Sally Mankus

Ghada Amer

(other work)

Assignment 2: Weight Support

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Blood Sweat and Tears from Carolina Vogt on Vimeo.


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Jon Cuba:
(you should look at all his work though)

Louise Bourgeois used knotting in both her two dimensional and three dimensional work

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