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My final project is three separate sculptures each paired with a corresponding poem. The sculptures are representations of the physical aspects of memories that I describe in the poems. Each poem describes an experience of physical pain or rupture that was important or striking to me as a child. These were experiences that each impacted my perception of people and pain.

Artist Reference: Yasuaki Onishi

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Artist Reference: Situ Studio’s reOrder

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This is structurally an interesting piece to me because of how they drape the cloth and use frames within the structure. It is also a really good example of the impact that lighting has on a piece. If you watch the process video you can see the construction and the way the piece looks inside and with out lighting.

Assignment 3: Shell

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First I made a small scale paper model of the structure and then I scaled up.

Then I cut pieces of paper to the size of the the measurements made so that I could wrap the fabric I was stitching around it

There were 6 pentagons and 10 filler equilateral triangles needed to create the shape so I layed out the pentagons and stitched them together first.

Once there was enough put together I pinned the corners of the out ring of points on the dome and tied string to secure it to the ceiling.

I also tried lighting it from inside to see what it would look like.


I had also wanted it to be lit by fire so I tried shooting pics of it near the fireplace.


Here’s me inside it!


So my goals for this piece were to create a sort of geometric shell enclosure and to somehow incorporate the comfort in heat (hence the placement near the fireplace). I wanted it to be a strange extension to a practice I associate with companionship, cuddling by a fire. The shell is sort of a way of protecting and isolating its inhabitants. From the outside it also looks like a strange  geometric creature sitting by the fire. The process proved to be extremely time consuming but I’m happy that it turned out dome/shell like.

Gabriel Dawe

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While we’re on the topic of string, I think this is a really nice approach to using this material to create form…

Assignment 1: Progress

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The series of photographs are meant to blend the object with the two dimensional stains on the page. The photos show the object gradually become more abstracted into a stain.

Assignment 2: Comfort

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The two photographs are meant to describe two types of comfort. One is cramped and wrapped up in oneself and the other is more open and represents release.

Knots, Knots, Knots

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Shinkichi Tajiri (b. 1923 in Netherlands)

Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd (b. 1934 in Sweden)

Eva Hesse (b. 1936 in Germany)

Nobuyoshi Araki (b. 1940 in Japan)

Marina Abramović (b. 1946 in Serbia)

Tim Hawkinson (b. 1960 in USA)
Maurizio Cattelan (b, 1960 in Italy)

Michael Beitz (b. 19xx in xx)

Adel Abdessemed (b. 1971 in Constantine, Algeria)

Paul Loebach (b. 1972 in Germany)



Theory of Effort

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Laban Movement Analysis, named after French/Hungarian dance artist and theorist Rudolf Laban.

Diagram by Ali Momeni

Knot making

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Knot-making references

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