“EXIT” by Joo Yun Han (2015)


Sometimes I imagine that I can reach to a different dimension when the doors opened. I took this video when I took the tube in Washington. It inspired me to think the fast metallic tube took me to another dimension through the long grey tunnel.  So I put the edited video on the exit door. I would like to make people think this exit door is literally “exit” door for going to another dimension, escaping from the routine. But, can we really exit our lives?



In second iteration, I tried to engage people more toward the video projection by making them be able to effect on the projection. I put the ultrasonic sensor on the door and get the signal between doorframe and sensor on the door by opening or closing it. When the door is closed the video is dark. While the door opened, it is getting brighter. It is I intended to make it visible through small window on the door. If this video pretends the tunnel for going to future or different dimension, it is more visible when the door is opened. However, when the door is fully opened, it is toward white-out. I would like to deliver the meaning of exit from the real – black out or white out, we cannot avoid this reality.

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