“Profound.” by Luca Damasco (2015)



Too often I come across walls or signs brandishing quotations from intellectuals meant to stimulate my mind. While the first few might stick to my brain and do a good job of forcing me to think, the rest sort of just melt together in an ooze of mentally stimulating words. Rather than allow other denizens of the world to go through this same phenomena, I’ve decided to sum up the experience of the quote, saying or phrase into a single word. Hoping to both deliver to them my experience, and save them some time.


While finding recognizable centers to perform these interventions is difficult, below I’ve outlined a few concepts for iteration two of “Profound”.

CMU-Concept  SCS-Concept



Below, I experiment with the possibility of two word interventions. I believe they may be a bit too informative to the viewer.



While one may go unnoticed, by presenting these ideas in an overwhelming fashion it will force observers to question each word or piece of signage presented to them and in turn what those words represent.

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