“Mental Warmth” by Joyce Liu (2015)

IMG_1944Despite being merely a projection of a fireplace, people are drawn to “Mental Warmth,” especially on one of the coldest days in Pittsburgh. I chose this location because as one of the escort stops, people often wait at this stop for the shuttle to come. While they are waiting, it gives them the chance to interact with the projection. Because the projection has bricks in the background of the fire, I also wanted to project it beneath the brick wall as a way to signify that it is a part of this setting yet also a bit out of place when shown on the concrete wall. This juxtaposition of what’s real and what’s merely an illusion is also what “Mental Warmth” tries to convey: by looking at a fire, are we able to feel just a bit warmer, even if it’s only in our heads?


The passerby thought so.



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