Final Project: The Mr Roboto Project

Short Description:

From the “Robot Benefit Center & Zine Library Benefit Fest” event page:

“Robot Betterment Center” is a new resource coming to Roboto in collaboration with the refurbished Zine Library! The resource is aimed at improving the safety and trust of the venue by way of better communication, more efficient problem solving, and greater transparency within the The Mr Roboto project. In it’s beginnings, the “Robot Betterment Center” is a physical and online space to give feedback, report incidents anonymously, and help better the space! Money raised at this show will go toward the “Robot Betterment Center” and the new zine library!

Roboto is host to a huge variety of music, performance, art, literature, film, and community betterment workshops! It is also one of the only spaces in Pgh specifically dedicated to being safe and accessible to people of all ages, genders, orientations, races, and backgrounds. So, we have a VARIETY SHOW to reflect that diversity!

Final Presentation:

Reflective Statement and Self-Evaluation:

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Beginning Process/ Notes:

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