Final Project: Pittsburgh ArtPals

UPDATE March 18

Prompt + Lesson Plan

  • Create two material kits, bring them to class and play test your curriculum with our class members
  • Describe very explicitly when you needs rides from where to where so we can help secure drivers for you
  • Finalize date for Braddock Library (write to ali and have him forward a message to Dana) or Millvale Library workshops


Pittsburgh ArtPals is an inter-community arts exchange program where kids of different Pittsburgh regions pair up and exchange creative works.


Identify big problem -> Research problem solutions locally -> Identify stakeholders -> Contact stakeholders ->


Upcoming Deadlines / Tasks

  • Saturday Feb 20 / Questions to resolve: where do they find the material?, how do they find the time?, how how would delivery work?, how to transport people?
  • Saturday Feb 20 / Make a killer email that explains the all the logistics behind project, be sure to address questions
  • Weekend Feb 19-22 / Wait for organisations to respond
  • Sunday Feb 21 / Work on challenge constraints (sketchbook, Indesign), design posters/fliers to distribute to orgs
  • Monday Feb 22 / Another potential on-site meetup?
  • Tuesday Feb 23 / Meet with Assemble, another potential on-site meetup?
  • Weekend Feb 28-29 / Hopefully all orgs have responded?


Final Proposal Presentation

First Round Slideshow Presentation

Initial Email Template

Thursday Feb 18 Notes

Frequently Asked Questions

FRFAF Budget

FRFAF Application

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