Final Project Timeline: A.R.E.A.

Awesome Robot Enters Assemble (AREA) (formerly Giant Robots Advancing Secondary Schools (GRASS)) is a project where an advanced 3.5 foot human-size mobile manipulator robot for doing human-size tasks is deployed in a high school classroom to teach the basic principles of robotics from a programming standpoint. From the work achieved since last summer, a prototype is fully operational and is ready to be used.

—Update of Feb 19—

Since the beginning of this class, market research on research-grade mobile manipulation platforms as well as educational robotics platforms has been conducted, with roughly 6 competitors for the former and 17 low cost competitors for the latter.

I have also engaged in learning more about the target audience, by speaking to 5 folks well versed in educational robotics.

Additional work has to be done for confirming intervention times, acquiring clearances for working with minors, and planning out programming curriculums.

—Update of Feb 26—

A meeting with Hillary Bedeian and Nina Barbuto has been confirmed for March 3. We will talk about Operation GRASS and the logistics for intervention in the Assemble learning environment. We will also talk about participation in Assemble’s learning party, Circuits Circus, on March 9 (Spring Break), and how to maximize audience interest.

In addition, a rudimentary project plans with goals and a timeline was drafted for the satisfaction of my superiors, Ali Momeni and Illah Nourbakhsh. As per Illah’s request, I will formulate a Plan B in case the meeting with Assemble does not result in the desired outcomes.

—Update of Mar 3—

—Update of Mar 18—

Spoke with Ali Momeni on advice for adjusting Intervention to make it more feasible. Here is the advice given:

  • create skeletal curriculum for 2-3 day, 2-3 hours/day set of activies
  • bring in robot on March 25 and plan for a 30-45min play session with our class
  • look into borrowing laptops from ideate; count of 3 laptops from artfab
  • investigate how simpler machines (phone, tablet, chromebooks, etc) can serve as client computers for individual students
  • solidify workshop dates so we can help you solidify transport
  • is “GRASS” the best name?
  • Complete child protection act certification!

Also began development of website.

—Update of Mar 22—

Visited Carnegie Mellon’s Human Resource Center and secured paperwork and fingerprints in for Pa Act 153. Process to be completed when paperwork returns from Pennsylvania State Government.

—Update of Mar 25—

Presented first version of Operation A.R.E.A. one day curriculum with Ali Momeni and Illah Nourkbakhsh and the rest of the Urban Intervention class. 3 activities were presented: Robot Musical Chairs (Action), Robot Commander (Cognition) and Robot Hide and Seek (Perception).

—Update of Mar 31—

Received Act 153 Clearance Check from Pennsylvania State Government. Sent receipt to Carnegie Mellon University’s Human Resources Office.

—Update of April 1—

Paperwork error: requested duplicate copy of Act 153 Federal Criminal Background Check to Pennsylvania State Government.

—Update of April 3—

Sent fixed Pennsylvania Act Federal Criminal Background history check to Carnegie Mellon University’s Human Resources Office.

—Update of April 3—

Assemble finally responds to request on scheduling day for intervention. Due to unexpected delays in communication, intervention to take place sometime in May.

—Update of April 8—

Successfully executed Plan B with the Urban Intervention by presenting at the Southwestern Pennsylvania BotsIQ event in a trade show like setting. See video below:

—Update of April 10—

Followup communication with all folks who attended booth at Southwestern PA BotsIQ on Sunday, April 8.

—Update of April 12—

Continued communication with Assemble on scheduling intervention date.

—Update of April 16—

Custom software for the event developed and tested on the robot.

—Update of April 17—

Finished development of custom software for the event – works!

—Update of April 19—

Compiled a detailed report of all activities (Robot Musical Chairs, Robot Commander and Robot Hide and Seek) to take place on the intervention date with three activities. See report here: Awesome Robot Enters Assemble

—Update of April 21—

Visited Assemble again in person to possibly confirm a date, as email was proving an ineffective method of communication. As it turns out, the limited communication was due to on the main instructors leaving Assemble and getting another full time job. Had a meeting with the new replacement instructor, Amanda Hudson. We talked about the logistics of the intervention plan. Confirmed official date for Operation A.R.E.A. as May 12, 2016, from 4:30-6:00.

—Update of April 29—

Presented a refined demonstration of the 3 educational robot activities taking place on May 12 to Ali Momeni, Illah Nourkbakhsh and the rest of the Urban Intervention class. Received final feedback for improvement.

—Update of May 12—

Urban Intervention project Operation A.R.E.A. successfully executed with the help Zach Zacharias. See video of event here:

—Update of May 15—

Completed Final Project Documentation: Detailed Blog Post, 2 page reflective assessment, 1 page self-assessment, updated timeline and compiled a 2 minute summary video of the event. Submitted on Blackboard at 11:40 pm.




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