conscious coral


Intention is to mine surrounding resources to pick up noise and utilize what is
existing to create music. To the audience, the limestone would have character
in appearing to absorb its surroundings and spew back altered sound. Piezo
underneath both of the limestone blocks picks up a 60hz buzz that intensifies
in contact with the stone, size of the room that it’s in, and warps by touch.

Approached from a visual point of view in using a type of sandstone as
something that absorbs, and liked the idea of having a brutalist-inspired
instrument. Limestone is partially made out of dead coral and I was initially
drawn to the idea of making inanimate objects feel alive through a performative
aspect and sound.

Final results did not push the performative aspect as much as it could have in
relationship to the sound it was producing, and it would be interesting to turn
it into a project that utilizes the vibrations coming from the speakers. Limestone
was not as conductive as I hoped in producing different tones, which in this case,
was where the max patch came in.

Limestone from Magnotti & Son.

Research includes lithophones, ancient Greek theater seats, and research on
limestone acting as an efficient electricity distributor.

Max patch link.

13161148_10154216666907904_1854197356_o 13170749_10154216667012904_2090627571_o

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 2.27.19 PM


Audio was not manipulated in the making of this video. Just some tacky light effects.

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