Teenie Harris Recreations

These are all of the recreations of Teenie Harris photographs of existing structures to date.

Within each diptych is first my recreation from his point of view, then the original photograph from over half a century ago. The single images are photos of churches that Teenie never photographed, but would have if he were alive today.

By recreating many of his photographs, I began to internalize how he shot religious buildings—often from the sidewalk opposite at about 6 feet off the ground, to get the entire building in view, with his camera pointed at an angle toward the building’s facade (in other words, rarely head on). Oftentimes, much of the street and lower foreground was also in view. At times, I was unable to reach the position he was in because he enjoyed shooting from so high—on people’s balconies or the tops of hills.


teenie_harris_images_diptychs teenie_harris_images_diptychs2


teenie_harris_images_diptychs4 teenie_harris_images_diptychs5 teenie_harris_images_diptychs6 teenie_harris_images_diptychs7 teenie_harris_images_diptychs8 teenie_harris_images_diptychs9 teenie_harris_images_diptychs10 teenie_harris_images_diptychs11 teenie_harris_images_diptychs12


teenie_harris_images_diptychs14 teenie_harris_images_diptychs15 teenie_harris_images_diptychs16

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