“Animal Land” by Lauren Strohacker and Kendra Sollars (2013-2015)

Artists Lauren Strohacker and Kendra Sollars gather information about native Arizona animals that are nearing premature extinction in the wake of humans in the desert. Animal Land began as a pop-up project that has now expanded into a long-term on-going project in multiple locations. They use technology and large scale projections of the endangered animals in areas that animals have been displaced from within specific communities. The visuals do not include the habitat of the animals or color, thus the projected animals are activated and influenced by the existing environment and human interaction. Some of the projections are motion-activated as well to further highlight the role that human interaction plays in the existence, or lack there of, of animals native to the area. In the process of gathering footage the artists also interact with the workers in wildlife conservation centers who are already aware of the animal displacement and endangerment issues, working in tandem and collaborating with the existing groups trying to solve the problem and create awareness. Every location the project is installed in uses footage of site-specific animals.





Animal Lands

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