“Warm” by Joo Yun Han (2015)



I observed the public space near east liberty and shady side. I felt the street is too desolate and cold. People do not talk, just use their smartphone or listen to music, indifferent to others. So I put the fireplace to the public space. Firstly, I would like to bring the warmth to public space. The fireplace reminds me family, warm hands, grandparents and I hope people who see this fireplace share those warm images and feelings together. Secondly, I would like to dispose the contrast between the outside’s frozen snow and inside’s warmth from the fireplace.


In 1 minute video project, I and Dan discussed the idea of displacement. We tried to move the private and warm space, living room to public area such as bus stop and streets. We put the blanket, book and the fireplace outside and observed how people consider those components.

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