Snorkulus Drift // H30 – Claire Hentschker (2015)

IMG_1339.CR2 H3O - Claire Hentschker 001 IMG_1341.CR2


Snorkulus Drift is an immersive virtual reality experience with both physical and digital elements. The  snorkel headset is worn inside a kiddie pool and exploration of the virtual reality is accomplished by moving around in the inflatable pool. Above the installation are projections of the visuals from inside the headset. This project was part of The Drift’s H3O//02 event.

Equipment Used

-iphone 6plus
-inflatable kiddie pool
-An art fab cart including:
− Top Lighting: 12V incandescent overhead lighting withhand-made lampshade,
− 2 Casio Projectors
– Macbook
− Cardboard H3o panels
− Battery: LiFO4 100 Amp Hour,
− Inverter: 1000 Watt,
− Bottom Lighting: RGBWW remote-controllable striplighting


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